What is Winform Academy

Knowledge and specialization generate competence and mastery in your work, which are expressed in an always punctual and resolutive service towards customers and patients.

For these reasons, Winform has always cured the education for those who enter in contact with our technology. Today Winform amplifies and refines this approach offering online courses, which avails the teaching of universitary professors and recognized experts of high level.

Beyond the scientific, technical and practic content, will be discussed organizative aspects of your Center optimization, aiming at rationalizing the times of treatments thus improving your activity.


Objectives of Winform Academy


Winform has always understood the importance of putting its customers in the condition of knowing how to correctly use the devices in order to take advantage of its potentiality. It is the combination of human ability and technological quality which has always allowed to achieve results out of the ordinary.


Winform, has always involved the best experts and professors of universities, with which always communicate and collaborates. This is to deepen all the aspects which will allow you to emerge in a ever-growing and competitive market which requires high level of competence.


To be able to organize in a profitable way your Center and your time, Winform works with sector experts which will explian how to organize your range of devices, manage customers and spaces, by giving you guidelines on how to grow your business.


Winform offers this service to you and to your staff, in order to grow together. It's only by fully sharing knowledge, that we will obtain true development and advancement for everybody.

Courses and Subscriptions

Home & Health

  • It is very important for Winform Medical Engineering to train the users of its devices.
    For this new product, the Company offers a new format for the training course, the digital mode (video-slide).

    Once the registration has been made you will receive by e-mail all the information necessary to attend the training course and obtain, if interested, the certificate of participation.

    Signing up

    To enroll in this course, add each participant.

    Member of the Scientific Comittee

    Dr. Cardelli Roberto Dr. Cardelli Roberto

    Medical Consultant for Italian Businesses in the social-healthcare sector and Universitary Professor at the University of Studies of Siena in the universitary development course in Ozygen-Ozone Therapy.

    Dr. Francesco De Vita Dr. Francesco De Vita

    Medical and Surgery degree for the University of Padova, specialization in General Surgery for the University of Verona and subsequently in Sport Medicine for the same university. Sanitary Responsible of the A.C. Chievoverona from 2003 to 2014. National Medic for Senior Hockey for the "Federazione Sport Ghiaccio" from March 2015 to March 2018. Sanitary Responsible for Hellas Verona FC from July 2016 to July 2018. At the moment sport freelance for Shock Waves for his own Medical Center.

    Dott. Andrea Zimoli Dott. Andrea Zimoli

    Three-year degree in Physiotherapy and Universitary Master of 1st Level in Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal disorders, followed by a Master's Degree in Rehabilitative Sciences of Rehabilitation Sanitary Professions. From 2005 until now performs specific universitary didactive-educational activity in rehabilitaion of cervical injuries. From 2001 he is a freelance physioterapist in his own professional center in Schio, Vicenza.

    Dr. Gian Pasquale Ganzit Dr. Gian Pasquale Ganzit

    Codirector and Professor of the Universitary Master of II Level in Psychological and Agonistic Sport Relational Processes Management for the Pontifical Salesian University SSR Rebaudengo of Torino. Author of numerous books and scientific articles at national and international level.

    Dr.ssa Scarzella Fiammetta Dr.ssa Scarzella Fiammetta

    Author of numerous Abstracts and scientific works in the field of Sport Medicine research presented as Poster and/or verbal comunication for FMSI conferences and congresses.

    Dott. Sandro Lain Dott. Sandro Lain

    A.c. Professor for Winform, theorical and practical courses for protocols and guidelines SIT and ENDOTHERMY in combined methodic in the physiotherapic pathologies.

    Dott. Marco De Angelis Dott. Marco De Angelis

    Speaker and member of the Organizative Comittee of numerous courses of education and conferences, including instrumental physical applied to physiotherapic pathologies.

    Dott. Guglielmo Amendola Dott. Guglielmo Amendola

    Freelance and owner of his own physiotherapic center in Rimini, which has prolific collaborations with other local and national physioterapy center.

    Dott.ssa Serena Gattuso Dott.ssa Serena Gattuso

    Three-year degree in Physiotherapy obtained at the University of Pisa, Medical and Surgery faculty and universitary master of 1st Level in Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal disorders in the University of Genova. From 2006 until now collaborates with the teaching staff of Universitary Master of 1st Level in Manual Therapy and Rehabilitaion of the Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal disorders in the University of Genova. From 2008 until today she is a Freelance in her own Center.

    Dr. Pastore Alessandro Dr. Pastore Alessandro

    At his own clinic in venice, Dr. Pastore offers a complete support and high level dedicated to athletes, monitoring the form status and accompaning them in personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation courses after traumas.