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Winform Medical Engineering S.r.l.

Via Garda, 6
30027 - San Donà di Piave (VE) Italy
T (+39) 0421 222026
F (+39) 0421 225314

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    Export Sales Dept.

    This office follows the acceptance and shipment of orders and the management/flow of commercial communications between the agents and the company.

    Write to: Export Sales Dept.

    Finance Department

    The finance department takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers.

    Write to: Finance Department

    Marketing Dept.

    Develops communications material to promote products and services to our customers. Is responsible for organizing events, such as exhibitions, seminars, sales conferences or customer hospitality events. Follows our activity on the social network as Facebook and Instagram.

    Write to: Marketing Dept.

    Our Headquater is located in

    Via garda 6, 30027 San Donà di Piave VE, Italia