Neuromotor, Muscular, Analgesic, Rehabilitative Electrobiostimulation with Ionophoresis, Iontophoresis and Transdermal Delivery.

Electrotherapy with 4 Indipendent Outputs


E-SIT Box is the first device designed to fulfill all the muscular stimulation needs, with the help of biphasic and mono-phasic waveforms able of performing stimulation sequences on alternatate channels.

E-SIT Box represents today the evolution of ionophoresis as it allows to deliver charged and uncharged active principles with low and high molecular weight.

Stimulation Programs

Hypotrophy and Toning - Muscular Strenghtening and Muscular Definition - Multi Frequency Training - Capillarization - Vascularity - Hemophilia - Urinary Incontinence - Muscular Balance and Unbalance - Tens burst random and Modulated - Endorphin - Decontracting - Denervated Muscles

Joints Rehabilitation with Stimulation in Kinetic Chain

By using the outputs in autonomous and separate ways, it is possible to manage different types of currents each one with its specific function, which allows rehabilitation treatments based on the functions of the differents muscles of the fascial chains.

Joints Rehabilitation with Stimulation in Kinetic Chain

Shoulder release technique - Shoulder Muscle rebalancing and Back-positioning - Lateral Static Chain Release Tecnique - Patellar Syndrome (muscular decontraction and contraction) - Muscular Rebalancing of the Extention and Bending chains of the Lower Limbs.




Multi Frequency Training

It is the innovative stimulus system developed by Winform.
Through a scanning of frequencies it allows the recruitment of more muscle fibers, allowing better toning action.


SIT Transdermal Delivery

it allows to deliver charged and uncharged active principles with low and high molecular weight.

Design & Innovation

E-SIT Box is manufactured with biocompatible materials to ensure the maximum safety to operator and customer. The ceramic paint is hygienic and easy to clean.

Winform high-conductivity pre-gelled electrodes for an effective and comfortable stimulation.

Display & Interface


4.7" TFT touch-screen color display with user friendly interface, allows to control all the useful parameters of each treatment.


Possibility to choose a large library of preset programs or to build your own customized programs thanks to the dedicated software.

Display & Interface
Display & Interface
Display & Interface
Display & Interface


  • Outputs
    4 independents
  • Frequency
    1 Hz - 2 KHz
  • Pulse duration
    30 - 990 ms
  • Waveform available
    Bifasic Square Compensated - Triangular - Rectangular - Halfsine
  • Dimensions
    170x100x40 mm
  • Weight
    1 Kg
  • Power supply
    Mains 230 V + battery
  • Medical Device Classification
    Class IIa according to 93/42/CE
  • Current Intensity
    From 0 to 100 mA