Eclettica Method

Non-invasive bio-liposuction

Eclettica Method

Eclettica Method

Non-invasive bio-liposuction

Eclettica is a method of "non-invasive bio-liposuction" that allows the client to get a better silhouette, freeing it from imperfections.

This method combines synergistically more electromagnetic fields, achieving an acceleration of cellular biostimulation, resulting in improved results and reduction of treatment time by 50% compared to other methods.

Thanks to the biostimulation performed by Eclettica we obtain a metabolic interaction and a correct involvement of the superficial and deep tissues, such as in cases of edematous and fibrotic cellulite, localized adiposity, skin and muscles tone, flaccidity, and saggy skin. Eclettica oxygenates the tissues, giving brightness and compactness to the skin, changing its biological clock.

Eclettica Method

Eclettica Method is scientifically proven

Knowledge, technology, and methodology are some of the means to remove the limits, and it is precisely for this purpose that Eclettica method was born.

Eclettica Method is a synergy of technologies whose effectiveness is proven by an extensive international bibliography.

Eclettica Method combines:


3-wavelengths laser light

A 3-wavelengths laser light for metabolic, connective, and soft tissue stimulation


LED light

Multi-color LED light for metabolic skin biostimulation


Radio frequency

Endogenous radio frequency:

  • Water interaction and modification of the ECM
  • Restoring of microcirculation
  • 4


    Ultrasound to remove fibrotic organizations



    Cryo-lipolysis for temperature alteration, inducing vascular and lipid stimulation