LAB Therapy


The first portable and professional platform that contains TECAR, Ultrasound and Transdermal Delivery.
LAB Therapy


LAB Therapy is a medical device that contains 3 different therapeutic technologies: Tecartherapy, Ultrasound and Transdermal Delivery.

The opportunity of choosing between these 3 functions allows to apply the most suitable and functional therapy based on the pathology and the biological tissues to be treated.

LAB Therapy stimulates the biological tissues, providing a structural and methabolic support allowing the delivery of active principles.

The device, as all the range of Winform devices, allows a rapid and intuitive use. It also recognizes automatically the handpiece connected.




Connections control

If the handpiece is inadvertently disconnected during the treatment, the device will automatically stop delivering, displaying a warning screen that will disappear when it is correctly plugged in.

Design & Innovazione

The device automatically recognizes the type of handpiece connected (for TECAR/transdermal delivery or ultrasound), without the need to set new parameters each time.

The device has been designed to be handy and compact.

It is contained in a small size case that makes it easily portable.

Suitable for those who move on a daily basis in the sports field or to perform home-based therapies.

Display & Interface

Display & commands

The user interface consists of a 5.7" display and of a Navimec keyboard.
By simply pressing the keys the user can navigate within the device menu and control the intensity of the treatment.


A series of easy-to-read icons allows the operator to set up each therapy quickly and easily.

Display & Interface


  • Power
    60W peak-to-peak
  • Frequency - Resistive
    480 KHz continuous
  • Frequency - Capacitive
    480 KHz modulated 10 Hz Duty Cycle 80 %
  • Frequency - Capacitive with transdermal delivery
    480 KHz modulated 10 Hz Duty Cycle 90 %
  • Ultrasound
    1,030 MHz +/- 30 KHz
  • Output
  • Display Dimensions
  • Dimensions
    160x110x110 mm
  • Weight
    1 Kg
  • Medical Device Classification
    Class IIb according to 93/42/CE