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WinForm Medical Engineering is an Italian company that designs and manufactures medical devices, with headquarter based near Venice.

WinForm was born more than twenty years ago with the aim of achieving excellence in the non-invasiveness market in both orthopedic/rehabilitative and aesthetic markets.

WinForm offers its devices as an alternative to the market of conventional invasive therapies such as infiltration, filler, ablative laser, etc., developing and producing devices that have evolved and refined over the years, with always greater innovation and effectiveness .

This is made possible by the composition of the R&D team and the totally Italian know-how: engineers, designers, biologists and doctors collaborate synergistically in order to develop suitable and competitive products that fit the demands of a demanding and constantly evolving market.

Our Company

Our Company

WinForm today

Nowadays, Winform is a reference company in orthopaedic rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine with more than 6,000 satisfied customers.

Since 1993 our company has designed, produced and sold more than 40.000 Electrotherapies, 1.000 Laser HighTherapy, 200 Epilation Laser, 4.000 Transdermal Delivers, 2.000 Tecar, 500 Tecar SIN and 30.000.000 Phytocompounds among which our speciality: the Ozone in Gel, ReLife Oxygen-Ozone.

It commercializes its products in 12 countries and 3 continents.

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